Why Choose Focus Cloud to Recruit Your Workday Specialists

Posted March 29, 2019

You’ve made a good choice. You’ve decided to implement Workday, which is rightly revolutionising the cloud finance, planning and ERP space.

Now you need the right people to make it happen. So let’s cut to the chase. Why should you choose Focus Cloud to find those people for you?

We’re 100% focused on Workday, and here’s what that means for you and your project.

1. Unparalleled understanding of the Workday ecosystem

You’re guaranteed a deep understanding of Workday implementations, from the nuances of project management to the detail of integration skills.

  • One of our board members is a Certified Workday Consultant

  • We’re in constant communication with Workday about how to improve the ecosystem and inject more people with the necessary skills (for example, we’re active in holding events for people who work in other technologies to provide cross training)

  • When new Workday functionality is on the horizon, we know about it before go-live and can tell you about required skills before you know you’ll need them

  • All our staff are trained in both functional and technical areas by ex-Deloitte and IBM Workday Certified Consultants

As Focus Cloud’s CEO, I put the company’s money where my mouth is – giving my team the training, infrastructure and support they need to ensure we’re the best recruiter out there when it comes to Workday knowledge.

2. Direct access to experienced Workday specialists

There aren’t that many Workday candidates out there. The biggest Workday recruitment challenge is finding them. Normal recruitment methods don’t work because these people don’t respond to job adverts or LinkedIn overtures in the same way other tech people do.

We’ve spent 3.5 years developing a proprietary, Workday-specific CRM. This means we have the industry’s best pool of Workday specialists from across the project lifecycle, all over the world.

Together with our relationships and online activity, we’re able to find candidates with accuracy – which reduces your timescales and costs associated with recruitment.

3. Fast response with a results focus

Everything we do focuses on getting you the resource you need to keep your Workday project on track. We focus on achieving the best outcome for all, not just on ticking boxes or inundating you with CVs. We view every interaction as part of an ongoing relationship, which means we feel personally invested in your success for the long term.

  • You’re guaranteed a response in 2 to 4 hours – for any requirement. In 90% of cases, this means qualified CVs in your inbox

  • We operate globally on a 24/7 basis so we’re always switched on (for example, if you’re running your deployment in the UK but need a ground presence in Australia, we have you covered in all time zones)

As a result, we have a reputation for delivering results where no one else can. As one client said: “Focus Cloud outperformed any of our previous agencies and always went the extra mile to get the job done.”

It’s time to get you the Workday people you need

Contact us to discuss your requirements, so we can start getting qualified CVs over to you.


Credit - Lloyd Gordon - CEO | Focus Cloud

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