5 Key Areas of Workday® 32

Posted March 05, 2019


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5 Key update areas coming in Workday #32 – Are you ready?

With the imminent launch of Workday #32 we took some time to look at some of the newest features making their way to the system. The list below is a selection of updates we think will have an impact on your Workday system. Some of the new updates are readily available, others need configuration.

Are you ready to make the most of Workday #32?

1. Cross application Services

  • The Workday #32 release further develops how you maintain data for workers in different time zones. The release will improve how you assess time zones for users not on PST, adding accuracy to business process routing, data management, and security groups.
  • You will also find continued improvements to mobile authentication as you will no longer be needed to configure mobile PIN authentication as a prerequisite for fingerprint authentication. There will also be additional options for preferred authentication methods.
  • You will notice an improvement how your users on mobile devices find your tenant and sign in to Workday on Android, iPad, and iPhone, simplifying the sign-in experience for new users. Workday will also update the iOS mobile app to support iPad and iPhone devices running iOS 11 or later.
  • The Questionnaire Limit has been expended to allow for more questions and multiple-choice answers.
  • Worksheets will be generally available with new functionality for analysing and sharing data in a spreadsheet format.
  • Identify atypical sign-on behaviour from unknown devices with new trusted device functionality.
  • Send email authentication with one-time passcodes in work or home email. Admins can now create authentication policies.

2. Financials

  • Workday #32 improves the accuracy of the project budget calculations by enabling the use of fractional hours.
  • The update will enable users to recalculate resource forecasts without having to manually update the hourly allocations. You can now change the resource forecast when you change the details on the resource plan lines or task resources.

3. Learning

  • Workday #32 will enable you to tag learning content with competencies, making it easier to find and focus on certain skills. The tags will also allow for recommended learning content to be suggested to the user.
  • Pre-hires will now have access to Workday Learning. You will be able to create pre-hire audiences and send them relevant learning campaign content.
  • Workday #32 will also allow you to manage and control the scheduling of learning courses with the new "manage course offering". This upgrade replaces the current "Schedule course offering" and "Edit course offering" tasks. The new section will allow for full control of the tasks needed to schedule course offerings.

4. Integrations

  • UK Companies will be able to submit their tax returns electronically through HMRC APIs. Workday has now enabled this feature.
  • Event Driven Terminations - a PECI Integration Service that needs to be enabled.
  • Workday #32 will allow you to can configure and reconcile worker payroll information between Workday and your third-party payroll system. The automation of this process will save you and your organisation time and effort.
  • Core connector: Global Worker Integration - You will be able to report data easier with effective dates applicable to specific time zones. You will now be able to capture different time zones in the integration.

 5. HCM

  • Improved safety incident tracking will make it easier to collect data and report safety incidents.
  • You will be able to enhance security for worker documents by separately securing permissions to documents allowing the user to add and delete them.
  • There is also increased clarity throughout, allowing you to optimize compensation, payroll, and staffing processes.

When it comes to the update of Workday #32, you may need additional resource to ensure a smooth transition. Focus Cloud can help you identify what you need to fill these requirements.

If you have any other questions around your Workday implementation, such as “ When Should I Start Recruiting My Workday Team?” or “What Successful Workday Recruitment Looks like?” then drop us a message at info@focuscloud.org and organise a call with one of our specialists.

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Credit - Lloyd Gordon - CEO | Focus Cloud

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